IdaKatherine Graver, GREED, 8' × 8', Acrylic on Canvas

The Story It Tells

Each painting in the Human Cartography project maps the story of an entire lifetime. Some lives are full of good fortune and opportunity; some are empty and undeveloped; some are shaped by war, or rage, or illness. “Greed” maps a life of insatiable desire lived amid the creative world of culture and finance but untempered by empathy.

Greed Story

Creative Process

Over the course of several months, day by day, the piece emerges.

Each dot of color is selected with care. As the painting takes shape, images are created, covered over, and covered over again. The images are layered atop each other, the way a story takes place over time. There's the chance meeting, the kiss, the lie - all the events that form the foundation for this current snapshot in one life. Each section of the painting has been built on the same history, and like a life, each piece is essential to understanding the whole.


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